Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Grandparents are moving to QLD.. SAD news for me

I am loving everything about my life at the moment - everyone I love is happy & healthy - what more can I ask for??

The only small problem I have is that my amazing Grandparents are moving to QLD.. they are in their 80's and I know it is best for them, as my Grandmotrehr ("Mardi")'s sister and SIL are 5 mins away, not to mention my Aunt (who is trained in Aged care) and also my new Cousin (Newly married to my Cousin), who is a NUM in aged care.. but I will still miss them terribly.

I know it is best for them, to have family so close - but i cannot help but selfishly want them an hour away from me.. they are getting older - and I will miss being a drive away (even If I only get down there very 3/4 weeks), i SUCK! I have grown up with my amazing "Mardi & Pa" & DD (Age 7) adores her great grandparents - I want her to see as much of these amazing people as possible. They made me who I am and I adore them.. Am I selfish to want them near me??

This is where they are going: (at Redlands)

Anyhoo - All is well. Seriously, if the worst thing in my life is that I have to pay for a couple of arifares a year.. I should take a teaspoon of cement and harden up!!

Enough whinging about my life (which rocks!)