Monday, September 10, 2007

GREAT news!

Well, I am soo excited. BOTH my sisters Kirsty (with her girlfriend Kiely & Son Mitchell) & Sharine (with her kids Savanna & Jamison) are moving to the Central Coast! YAY! Now all the kids will be together, and we will have a fantastic support (& Friendship!) network with each other being so close.

Kirsty (as she does) is moving THIS weekend! She is so spontaneous..

Sharine will move in April when her lease runs out.


My weekend

Well, I had a good weekend. My sister Kate had a BBQ at her house Saturday, but it rained, so we spent it under my DH's tarp in the front yard (the grass in the backyard was too wet to mow & too long to stand on).

Kate, her neighbour Fiona & I went to the pub for a drink & a game of pool (which we only lost by 1 stinkin ball.. lol) and then home to bed, not a very late one.

Sunday was a quiet day at home.

I made some mini LO's for some ppl on a scrapbooking forum I have to send out. And that's about all!

I spent today doing housework, but Gus and I got chicken & chips for lunch & took Em to teh park to eat it & play in the playground. She has a bit of a cough but is fine.. Probably from running around like a maniac on Sat with all the kids at Kate's (bu she had fun.. slept well that night lol!)

I have to put the pics on my computer yet, but will post some for laughs..

till next time...

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My gorgeous sis turns 27 today

Well, my "Big little sis" (she's my little sis, who's taller (much) than me) turned 27 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE!! We (Kate + friends & Fam) went to the Entrance Bowling Club for lunch, then a drink at Kate's place. She was surrounded by much love. Then her best bud Tam took her to dinner. So all in all, a good day for her. LUV YA KATE!!

My stitches came out of my poor sore Gum today, which I was worried about, but a spesh & lovely friend Fiona (who conveniently happens to be a dental nurse) had a look & assures me it looks fine, and not to worry, this is normal. I'm just glad I didn't swallow the thing, it looked festy!

Other than that, not too much to report. It's raining here, yuk.

Oooh oh! Gus (DH) just told me he might be getting a cash job, out of which he wants me to spend some (hopefully by 'some' the darling man means 'lots'!!) on replenishing my scrap supplies! YIPEEEE he LUURVES ME! If he washes up I will love him even more! he he he

So off to "Beddy bye nigh nighs" as Kate says to her almost 2 yr old DD Kiara!

Monday, September 3, 2007


So, 1 tooth less, but feeling better. My Dad came for a visit to see us, and my Sister Kate (Who lives very close by) and ended up with Gastro! What a present for Father's Day! I haven't seen him yet.. He didn't wan to infect us, so is staying at Kate's. So his pressie is sitting in the spare room (which, sadly, has been cleaned of all my scrap stuff, to give the man a place to sleep!).

I am having serious scrapping withdrawals.. I started a canvas for my Sister Kate's birthday, which is TOMORROW! & I haven't finished it! AAARGH! I have nowhere to scrap.. Mental note, must make Dad sleep at Kate's more often.. he he he (even tho I have a spare room & she doesn't.. not to worry! Priorities!)

So, am being enormously inspired by all the BLOGS & Forum posts, so have to try to scrape out a space elsewhere in the house..

Also, am looking forward to going to my first crop at Toukley on 28th, THANKS FOR THE INVITE LISA!!! YOU ROCK!