Monday, June 30, 2008

A new LO

Hi all,

Well i went and had an abdominal wall scan today (another ultrasound) which was painful.. to get pics of the hernia, yuk. It was at 12pm, and I had to fast for 6 hours so I was STARVING!! And in pain as I couldn't even have water to take painkillers.. ouch.

So I will take the 2 scan results I now have to the Gynaecologist tomorrow and see what happens from here.. I am over this, I hope they can fix me up!

Anyhoo, this afternoon I have done a LO of Gus & Daniel (his mate) fishing. It was for the June sketch challenge on the Sm forum. Gus always says I never do any page sof him, so he's happy now :)

Hope you like it!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Card Stuff

here's a card I made last night for Sandy & Glen's new baby girl Paige. She is just so adorable!

I also made this cool transparent card after seeing a tutorial on You Tube, very cool, here's the link so check it out!

Stuck in Bed on this beautiful day..

Well, I am thankful that the forum and BLOG surfing is giving me something to do, 'cause I am stuck in bed.I have been having pains in my right ovary kinda area for a few months, but it was quite bad on Thursday, which is unusual as the pains usually stop after I finish my period (which was now 4 days ago..) so I got worried and went to the doc. He sent me for an ultrasound (I got in yesterday thankfully) and the lady who scanned me said she thought it was a hernia (on the edge of my ceasarian scar from Oct 2004)- AARGH!So back to the Doc who sent me to Wyong hospital. So I had to have a canula (I am such a big baby, I cried..) some blood tests (which all came back normal) and some morphine for the pain (YAY, pity I can't get THAT every month! ROFL) and the Surgeon examined my very sore belly (so many ppl had already poked and prodded me..) and said he didn't think it was a hernia YAY but probably endometriosis. This is happens where part of the endometrium (Uterus) cells break off and start growing where they shouldn't.So I have to go an see a Gyanecologist and probably get a laparoscopy (camera in througha cut in yoru belly button) as it's the only way to diagnose Endometiosis. But I had a laparoscopy when I had my appendix out, so I know all about that. Not good, but it sure could be worse. Apparently if the Endometriosis is accessible, they can cut or burn it out. That doesn't mean it won't come back though.But it would help for a few years, and reduce any risks of possible infertility (scary). My mum's cousin had endo, and had such bad pain she had to go to the hospital for a pethidine shot every month.I have always had bad period pain, but just went to bed when it got really bad and thought nothing more of it. I guess it was more than just period pain.So wish me luck with it all. Just sucks it came to a head now, I work in the financial services industry, and all our financial advisers are going nuts calling me with 30 June stuff (I am just ignoring them..hehehe) but my boss is amazing and just worried about me, she's taking care of all the work stuff.So I guess I am venting a little and having a whinge, and just generally feeling a bit sorry for myself!Time for more panadeine Forte, which also means a sleep (it makes me dozy..)Thanks for your patience in listening!P.S Maybe no gym for a while either - DOH!!! I was just getting into it, dropped to a size 14, was hanging out to get back to a 12.. guess I'll put that on hold.. sigh..