Monday, June 30, 2008

A new LO

Hi all,

Well i went and had an abdominal wall scan today (another ultrasound) which was painful.. to get pics of the hernia, yuk. It was at 12pm, and I had to fast for 6 hours so I was STARVING!! And in pain as I couldn't even have water to take painkillers.. ouch.

So I will take the 2 scan results I now have to the Gynaecologist tomorrow and see what happens from here.. I am over this, I hope they can fix me up!

Anyhoo, this afternoon I have done a LO of Gus & Daniel (his mate) fishing. It was for the June sketch challenge on the Sm forum. Gus always says I never do any page sof him, so he's happy now :)

Hope you like it!!


Crazymumm said...

awesome male type layout Jai Gus can't complain it looks fantastic

Jaimie R said...

Thanks Lucy, it was hard! Not used to boy ones..