Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Stampin Up! Party

Well, I had a Stampin' Up! Party yesterday with Pam Godfrey, and we had a ball!

We made an 8 x 8 LO using some gorgeous stamps, and also a card, using a fake tearing technique, which was something new, check it out!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Craft Bits and Bears August Cybercrop

The Site I DT for had a CC (Cybercrop) last night, which was HEAPS of fun.. We had trivia, Bingo and door prize, and 4 challenges (they are due to be uploaded by Tuesday night, so a little bit of time up my

Here is the Card I did, and I will upload more as I go.

AND I have no VOICE!! OMG, for me, that is a total disaster. I am a talker, and am straining to make myself heard (with a 3 yr old who keeps whispering back to me.. it's hilarious!), not to mention I am supposed to train new clients all day Tue & Wed.. no idea what I'll do about that. AND we have a team "offsite" in the city Thur 7 Friday, and n o doubt some drinkies as well, so I'll just have to suck it up and get over it! Actually, I think it laryngitis, so I'll come home early tomo and get some antibiotics I think.

Gus & Em are down at my Grandparents house helping to get some stuff out of the Garage for a council pickup, isn't he a wonderful man?

What are you doing onb your weekend?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cute LO to show ya :)

Last night I did my first LO for a challenge on Craft bits and bears. It's a LO of Darling Emily (surprise, surprise!), using dark pink & light pink. Very girly, but I like it! Excuse the shocking phot and all the glare.. I'll re do it in the daylight.. It has gone kind of orangey and yuk..

On another front, I actually emailed off some work tonight to start submitting to be published! I know, it's about time.. but I AM doing it! Yay for me! No more scaredycat.. I fully expect rejection, but I will just have to learn to deal with

What else.. Oh, i went back to work in the city yesterday. It was GREAT to be back in the real world, but very very tiring. The boys at work were laughing at me shuffling along like an old lady, but I'm getting there. I still haven't had the pathology results back from the lump that was removed, so I think I'll call the specialist tomo about that, I just want it all done & dusted, ya know? I was in bed before Em last night, I slept like the living dead, but I guess I needed it. I will work from home tomorrow, then I'm off to Nelson Bay on Thursday, and home again friday. My boss and a few others are out of the office Friday so I don't need to go to the city Friday either, I will try to do something in Newcastle instead (which is cool, less traffic :))
Thanks for checking in, leave me a message, so I know you've been & can check out your blog too!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


I know I've already posted today, but I just had to share the exciting news!!

I applied for a Guest DT position at, and the lovely Yvonne asked me to be a part of the permanent Design Team! I am so thrilled, and couldn't be happier.

So come and check out the store, and the fantastic Forum. There are already some lovely girls there that you might know, so it would be great to see you there.

every month I will be Desiging for the site, and we have challenges and cybercrops too. At the moment, the weekly challenge "Black with 2" where black is the dominant colour, with both dark & light pink. C'mon guys, give the challenge a go!

Hope to see you there!

More scrap creations to share

well, I have just had THE best weekend, catching up on all my lost scrapping

I created a card for the scraptherapy August Cybercrop, using a piece of plastic out of a chocolate box for a transparent window, that was fun.

I also did a LO from an inspirational picture, and I scrapped a LO of myself as a baby I have wanted to do for ages.

I also made a CS Cd holder, to send out a DVD of a Jaime Oliver show "Fowl dinners" that was on a few weeks ago.. a few of the gals at the SM forum asked for it, and I happened to tape it, but a scrapper can;t just send it without prettying it up first! lol.. I need to make 2 more and all ready to go.

I have started making some journal cards for a swap over at SM too, heaps of fun! I'll post pics when I am all done. I am in 4 groups of 13, so I better get cracking!

I also have to make a pile of recipe cards for a cupcake recipe swap, and a spring recipe swap, so I have a bit on the go at the moment.. which is how I like it!!

Gus is outside washing and vacuuming my car for my return to work tomorrow (Eeek!) and I will have to jump (correction, shuffle!) into the car and do a test drive (pardon the pun..) to make sure I can drive the car, and more importantly, slam the brakes on if I have to, so I can drive into work (In the city, sigh..) tomorrow.

Well, I hope you like my latest creations, and hope you are outside enjoying the gorgeous weather today :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lots to tell..

Well, first of all I would like to thank the lovely Sandy B from the Scrapchat forum for sending me a huge lot of gorgeous flourishes and fancy borders, I really really appreciate it, even after she knew other people had sent me some, the generous and gorgeous lady sent me even more, how lucky am I!!

On the same day, I also received a package of die cuts done on the craft robo of the lovely Jenni (scrapajar)after I said how much I liked them in the SM forum, I got a few colours of pretty flowers with, you guesed it flourishes on them lol.. and Jenni also cut out some stunning snowflakes out of metallic white paper.. I will use these on a skiiing LO for sure!

It warms my heart that there are so many amazing and giving poeple out there, THANKYOU GUYS!!

Now, I have been busy tonight! I made a card for a pagemaps sketch challenge on scrapchat, I like it!

I have also done 2 LO's for the Scrap Therapy August Cyber Crop. It's only my second one, the first was a baby shower for Leilz on the Sm forum..

The First LO I did was of the Carrington Hotel. The challenge was to scrap a photo of something old (not a person) using mainly papers that have been in your stash for a year or more and to include 3 different types of distressing. I used some historical pics from the website and used Inking, Scrunching & Tearing.

The second LO was for a sketch challenge using a pic at least 10 yrs old and NEW product. I scrapped an old pic of me in Kindy (1984 - I think that and some gorgeous MM Noteworthy & 5th avenue stuff for the LO.

So I have been a busy girl tonight, catching up on some scrapping I missed while I was recovering.

On that note, I went to see the surgeon yesterday (and I am SORE today.. I didn't even do much, which worries me about going back to work on Monday) and he said I am doing very well, he expected a LOT more brusing. He said my Endometrioma was only the 5th case in 40 yrs he had seen, and my condition was very rare (I didn't know that before!). He didn't have the pathology test results back yet from the lump he removed, but will call me when they come in, so I hope it's soon...

Thanks for looking!