Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cute LO to show ya :)

Last night I did my first LO for a challenge on Craft bits and bears. It's a LO of Darling Emily (surprise, surprise!), using dark pink & light pink. Very girly, but I like it! Excuse the shocking phot and all the glare.. I'll re do it in the daylight.. It has gone kind of orangey and yuk..

On another front, I actually emailed off some work tonight to start submitting to be published! I know, it's about time.. but I AM doing it! Yay for me! No more scaredycat.. I fully expect rejection, but I will just have to learn to deal with that..lol..

What else.. Oh, i went back to work in the city yesterday. It was GREAT to be back in the real world, but very very tiring. The boys at work were laughing at me shuffling along like an old lady, but I'm getting there. I still haven't had the pathology results back from the lump that was removed, so I think I'll call the specialist tomo about that, I just want it all done & dusted, ya know? I was in bed before Em last night, I slept like the living dead, but I guess I needed it. I will work from home tomorrow, then I'm off to Nelson Bay on Thursday, and home again friday. My boss and a few others are out of the office Friday so I don't need to go to the city Friday either, I will try to do something in Newcastle instead (which is cool, less traffic :))
Thanks for checking in, leave me a message, so I know you've been & can check out your blog too!!


Kwik-Kliks, Kim's Scrapbooking said...

Well done your guest DT position. Awesome news, love hearing things like that! Looking at your gorgeous LOs I can't believe you have never submitted anything to the mags yet! Go for it - had a few nos and last minute rejections myself :-( makes me more determined! LOL Even did the Masters just to really get a kick out of that rejection feeling if/when it comes around. Get me motivated to do better! I do like your layouts and good luck with getting published!

TatumW said...

Hiya Jaimie! Thanks for visiting my blog :) Loving your layouts, I am sure it won;t be long before you get that first publication acceptance....it is an awesome feeling! Have a great week! Tatum xx

Sar said...

Good on you for your new found confidence, its gonna get even better when you get something accepted, which I have no doubt you will! Its all happening for you on the scrapping front, isn't it! Cheers, Sar

rih2002 said...

gorgeous lo Jaimie! and congrats on the DT! love seeing your work, and all the new 'techniques' you are finding to play with!

Skye M J said...

Ooh is that Love Elsie fabric PP i see? (my very most favouritest product ever!)

Your work is looking great Jai!
And as Sar said, congrats on the new found confidence!

You should feel great - youre a fabulous scrapper and a wonderful lady to boot!


Crazymumm said...

What a stunning and sweet layout Jai xx and I must check out the site your designing on.. Don't give up because you get a rejection letter one day it will be a commission (always hope, don't give up ever) xxx :) :) :)

Lucy :) xx

Sheri said...

gorgeos LO Jaime! :)
its good your getting back into things now :)
hope you gt lots of aceptances!!! good luck :)

Alice said...

yay gorgeous Jaime!!! Oha dn congrats on the CBB spot!!! Definately deserved! It is such a lovely community over there...you will love it!

ann_dee78 said...

Great LO Jai - good luck with the subbing!!