Sunday, August 3, 2008


I know I've already posted today, but I just had to share the exciting news!!

I applied for a Guest DT position at, and the lovely Yvonne asked me to be a part of the permanent Design Team! I am so thrilled, and couldn't be happier.

So come and check out the store, and the fantastic Forum. There are already some lovely girls there that you might know, so it would be great to see you there.

every month I will be Desiging for the site, and we have challenges and cybercrops too. At the moment, the weekly challenge "Black with 2" where black is the dominant colour, with both dark & light pink. C'mon guys, give the challenge a go!

Hope to see you there!


unicorns80 said...

Massive congrats babe Well done!!! Hope you enjoy your new position (whoo hoo) and I'm off now to check it out
Congrats xx

I am... said...

woohoo, im so proud of you!!!!
well done, it is because you are awesome hey :D

Lisa said...

Woohoo Jaimie, how very cool, congrats!! Will go and check it out tomorrow (after I've had some sleep)!!
You are awesome!
Oh and the flocking - I just used a very thin layer of Craft PVA glue (not sure if taht is what is meant to be used), and pressed the letter into the flock, let it dry for about half hour, then repeated the process. Seemed to work ok.

Sar said...

Oh Jaimie, that is unreal!!! Congrats to you, you SO deserve it!! Cheers, Sar

Binxcat1 said...

Go you big red fire engine! LOL ;) Huge congrats to you... you clever chickie you!

Nicole said...

Congrats hun

totally deserved.