Monday, September 10, 2007

My weekend

Well, I had a good weekend. My sister Kate had a BBQ at her house Saturday, but it rained, so we spent it under my DH's tarp in the front yard (the grass in the backyard was too wet to mow & too long to stand on).

Kate, her neighbour Fiona & I went to the pub for a drink & a game of pool (which we only lost by 1 stinkin ball.. lol) and then home to bed, not a very late one.

Sunday was a quiet day at home.

I made some mini LO's for some ppl on a scrapbooking forum I have to send out. And that's about all!

I spent today doing housework, but Gus and I got chicken & chips for lunch & took Em to teh park to eat it & play in the playground. She has a bit of a cough but is fine.. Probably from running around like a maniac on Sat with all the kids at Kate's (bu she had fun.. slept well that night lol!)

I have to put the pics on my computer yet, but will post some for laughs..

till next time...

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