Saturday, May 7, 2016

Diamond Press stamp & die storage

I wanted to find a more user friendly way to sort & store my stamp & die sets & my dies for the Diamond Press. I haven't had them for very long & already the paper packaging is getting tattered & worn. So I decided to use my Fuse tool & some good quality A4 sheet protectors from the office supply store & create my own solution. I incorporated the front of the original packaging & fused 2 pockets into the reverse side so I can easily pull the stamps & dies in & out. I also took the dies off their original backing sheet & put them onto magnetic sheet to make them easier to remove & replace as the adhesive on the original is super strong & I was worried about bending the dies & also the adhesive remaining on the dies & adhering to the paper I tried to die cut. The other benefit of the magnet is less chance of losing any tiny dies as they stay in the one place. I hope you like my idea!

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