Sunday, July 27, 2008

I got a present :)

I think this is the earliest I have ever posted, but I couldn't wait to share.. Dh opened the door to the postie knocking with a parcel for me! How exciting, I wasn't expecting anything..

I joined the Scrapchat forum (which is AWESOME!!), and I know a lot of the ladies there from the SM forum, so I am settling in

Anyhoo, there's a thread on Scrapchat for diecut requests, i went on and asked if anyone had any flourishes, as I had run out of the last lot the gorgeous Alison (aka Alz, aka Maxwell, aka Me) had sent me.. I jokingly said on the thread not Alz, as she had already been kind enough to send me some previously.. well! This wounded Alz, who felt rejected :( rofl.. So I said if she absolutely had to I wouldn;t say no, just to make her feel better hehehe..

THEN this morning, the wonderful, generous gal sent me a 12 x 12 pack of Fancy Pants (OMg I adore Fancy Pants stuff.. drool) chipboard flourishes.. they are DIVINE! Here's a pic.. (sorry it's a but wonky, I took it on the laptop webcam in bed hehehe)

AND the cheeky thing attached a sweet handmade notecard apologising (jokingly of course) that they were not die cut!! Alz, if you're readinmg this, I forgive you!!

So after waking up very sore, I now have a HUGE smile on my face, and am feeling all warm & fuzzy that I am so lucky to know the amazing people I have met through scrapbooking.

Alz, thankyou so much, you have made my day :)


Tanyah Payne said...

Oh Jaimie what a lovely surprise! but you do deserve it for sure! I really hope you are back on your feet and well again soon!

take care
luv tanxx

Sar said...

Glad you got a surprise pressie to help you feel better, luv! Cheers, Sar

Susan said...

Great tribute, Jaimie!! Isn't Alz the best??

ann_dee78 said...

aww - how sweet. Well done Alz, and well deserved Jai!