Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Just random stuff

Well, all is going as well as it can I suppose. I am over not being able to do the normal stuff I can, but I am OK. I go to Wying hospital tomorrow at 1pm for pre admission tests, and get admitted for my Op on 23rd July. I have never waited for an op before, I don't like it!! I had an appendectomy about 7 yrs ago, but spoent the night in agony & was in surgery the next day. The only other op I was had was an emergency ceasarion, (which is what caused all the problems I am having now, come to think of it!) so no waiting there either.

Luckily I can work from home, and I'll probably do some project work over the next few weeks. I have a great job :) I am lucky.

Anyhoo, I created an altered book last night (inspired by the lovely and talented Ruby). It almost felt sacriligeous, I love all books, but it turned out really well. I went for a really old style to go with the beautfiul old aged and yellowed pages and blue leather cover (a great find) and am really happy with it. I think I might even submit it! I will post a pic when I have taken one :)

I also created a LO for the black magic dt call, which I will post too, arrch! Due tomo.. better get a move on! I still need to add the finishing touches to the first one. I will post pics soon too.

Emily is wonderful as usual, she is asleep in our bed but will happily transfer into her own when we "retire" as she does every night. I love that child so much it hurts!

Gus on the other hand has a cold.. he said he heard a quote on "Top Gear" (a car show he likes.. such a boy thing - actually it's not bad, I watch it myself at times!) from a guy with a cold who said "it's bird flu and I'm going to die".. that sums it up.. I am the one going to hospital but HE's the cranky sick one.. ah well, such is life. He did help me by picking Em up from my sisters and drying the dishes. Oh and cooking dinner - BBQ Chook! But that's fine by me..

So that was my day, just the usual really!

P.S Lisa i will photograph the LO you did for me when I take the other pics and post it up here for ya xoxo


Gizmo said...

Hey Jaime!
Hope you are doing well and not stressing too much over the op!
Good luck with the Black Magic layouts - I'll have to check them out:)

Nicole said...

don't stress to much over your op. At least it'll fix that pain.

Hope your having a great week though, brrrr it's cold here making so many spelling mistakes.