Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Blog Header!

Hi Guys,

So, todays creation is my new Blog header, I quite like it! Not bad for a first attempt at digi scrapping, and I was able to do it sitting in

My Lovely Mum Gayle came up to help out with "the invalid" - aka Moi :) for a few days. She drove through wind and rain to get here! I am thankful to have people who love me so much in my life, thanks Mum xoxo

My grandparents have been ringing me religiously too, which is fantastic, as has my lovely "Mum2" or MIL Heather, Love you guys MWAH!

Thanks to for all the well wishes that keep coming, it keeps my spirits up :)


Ruby said...

Hope your getting enough rest! I will be praying for you!!!
DOOOOD for a first attempt that is PHENOMENOL < Okay i can't spell but you get the point! :D

Ruby Claire. said...

sorry was posting with my other account :p
This is my real one! :)

unicorns80 said...

Your header looks great Jai and for a first attempt - man you rock!!! I love the heart stitching looks good.
Also hope that you are recovering well from your op. Awesome news that there was no endo in your uterus so glad to hear that :)
Take care and keep up the great digi scrapping
Leonie xx

VirginiaW said...

Jai thats is Rocking Babe..
Hope your feeling a bit better..Glad your Mum came to help you out...Take care...