Friday, July 25, 2008


Well no exciting pics, but I thought I had better update everyone on how things were going.

I went into Wyong hospital for my surgery to remove an endometrioma from my ceasarion scar on Wednesday. I got there about 12, and went into surgery at 3, and was in recovery by 5. Dr Docker (Gynae specialist) was fantastic. He came around at 5.15am the next morning (and scared the life out of me standing over my bed to wake me up!!) and said he removed an acorn sized lump of endo and some surrounding tissue, but there was no endo in my uterus, it was all perfect inside (GREAT news!).

I went home on Thursday with some good strong pain killers (bring on the drugs!!) and am getting a little better every day.

I am walking like the hunchback of Notre Dame, and can't use my right side much, but the left is just fine, so it could be worse..

I have to say, I now have an insight into what the frail and elderly must feel at times, being unsure of your balance, and not being able to stand unaided.. I have decided, I'm just NOT going to get old! Not interested thankyou very much.

Gus (DH) has been an amazing nurse, and I love the fact that I can use the intercom function on the cordless phone to buzz him downstairs if I need anything. .. Lucky Gus.. lol

A big thanks to everyone for the calls, messages and well wishes! Gus bought me a huge bunch of gorgeous flowers, and Kate (my lil sis) made me a lovely card.

Thanks for checking in, I'll keep you updated, and hopefully next post will have some scrapping pics to share!!

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VirginiaW said...

So glad everything went well for you Jai..Have missed you around the boards...Make full use of that intercom while you can...LOL..Rest up sweet girl and look after you...